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The Blessing Way

Providence, RI


Males & Females



The Blessing Way Men’s and Women’s Reentry Housing Programs are 90-day halfway recovery houses. While we follow many rules that a sober house may follow, our programs involve a much greater degree of guidance and supervision. Our goal is to help participants successfully bridge their transition from the highly regulated life of prison or residential drug treatment to independent living in the community. Many of our graduates move on to sober housing after completing our program. We have 4 beds in the Men’s House and 4 beds in the Women’s House. There is 24/7 supervision. House Managers also serve as Mentors.


We accept ATR (Access to Recovery) for housing, employment, life skills, spirituality, and mental health counseling.

Housing Fees for those who do not have ATR are $110 per week for a double. We have no singles. (Fees are on a sliding scale)


We practice the art of “community living” and “team mentoring”. There is zero tolerance policy for the use of drugs and alcohol. We do not permit the use of methadone or suboxone treatment for those residing with us. Other medications are permitted with permission of House Manager. We do random drug screens and breathalyzer tests. A positive outcome is grounds for dismissal. Curfew violations are reported immediately to parole or probation. During the 90 day stay, all residents are expected to seek and obtain employment, advanced training/education, or community service; to work on their specific program plan from 9am- 5pm Monday – Friday (including counseling, addiction treatment, job searching, parole, court, family reunification); to submit a draft and a permanent Relocation Plan and Financial Budget; and to help out with at least one Blessing Way fundraising project.

We believe that the chances of reentering successfully are increased when we offer the services that match our requirements. That is why we offer our own Life Skills class, Recovery Spirituality/Meditation, Case Management, Employment Preparation, Team Mentoring, and Hospitality programs.


* Keep curfew (6pm during the first 2 weeks; 10pm remainder of time)

* Follow house rules & complete house duties

* Pay all fees on time

* Provide a timeline and plan of activities each day

*Attend four 12-step meetings of your choice

* Attend the Life Skills class & Meditation group (W 5pm – 8pm)

* Attend the house meeting

* Complete the Employment Preparation tutorial (M 1pm – 4pm)


We believe that spirituality is the core to successful reentry and recovery. We have a broach understanding of spirituality which is not connected to a specific religion or faith. We do not require our residents to practice a given religion or faith, but our programs and services do encourage such spiritual values as honesty, humility, self-care, respect for others, gratitude, team work, giving back, boundary keeping, and nonviolence because we believe they are critical to successful recovery and reentry.


Our success rate is outstanding. In the Rhode Island Department of Correction, the return rate to prison is 69 per cent. For our graduates, it is about 25 per cent. About 95 per cent of our residents complete our program and almost of these leave with employment, a sober house or other stable form of residence, and solid recovery.


Complete our application forms by phone or email.


Executive Director, The Rev. Dr. Joyce Penfield:  401-709-3697 

Accepts Methadone?
 Accepts Suboxone?
 Accepts other controlled substances?
Yes - Psychotropic
 Includes utilities in weekly fee?
 Includes cable in weekly fee?
 Includes telephone in weekly fee?
 Includes food in weekly fee?
 Includes cleaning supplies in weekly fee?
 Additional fee for air conditioning?
 Allows smoking indoors?
 Allows smoking outdoors in designated areas?
 How many AA/NA or Spiritual Meetings are required per week?
 4 or 2 bible studies and 2 AA/NA
 Mandatory weekly house meeting?
 What time is curfew?
 1st two days - no leaving; 1st three weeks - 6pm; rest of the 90 days - 10pm
 Do you have state-funded beds available?
 Do you have other funding available for recovery housing?
 Yes - work to stay
 Is worship required?
 Yes but client chooses where
 Is there a limit on how long I can stay?
 Yes - 90 day program
Are case management and other services (life skills, meditation, recovery coaching) included in fee?
 Yes and other services are required
 Are weekly tox screens given?