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Ocean State coalition of Recovery Houses (hereafter called OSCRH) is a voluntary coalition of those who offer recovery housing in Rhode Island.  We have adopted voluntary standards for the operation of coalition recovery houses that will provide safe and high quality housing for persons in recovery.

A significant goal of the coalition is to help assure that people in recovery have supportive housing.  All houses must be managed in an ethical and honest fashion.  An OSCRH recovery house provides a safe, supportive, affordable, drug and alcohol free residential environment for individuals in recovery from substance use.  Houses foster a sense of community while providing security and stability for the resident.  An OSCRH recovery house encourages the transition to independent living by providing an environment conducive to peer-to-peer support.  

The process of establishing and monitoring minimum standards is an evolving one, intended to elevate the quality of recovery housing available to people in recovery.  The OSCRH will review issues as they arise and modify the standards on an on-going basis.  The OSCRH as an entity is not responsible for incidents that may occur in a member house due to a member’s negligence.  However, OSCRH reviews complaints about members of the coalition with the goal of protecting the client and enhancing the services our members offer.  

OSCRH keeps the client as its top priority in all matters.  It is for the client that we strive to provide safe housing so that he or she may flourish in his or her recovery.  To that end, OSCRH is also focused on improving its members’ knowledge of recovery and establishing good practices to benefit both the client and the operator.  OSCRH strives to improve the public perception of recovery housing by offering excellent, well-maintained housing as well as offering outreach and education to Rhode Island communities.  

The Ocean State Coalition of recovery houses abides by the standards created by the National Association of Recovery Residences:



In addition the standards of the National Association of Recovery Residences, OSCRH has created additional standards specific to our coalition. They are as follows:

  1. Each house shall publish admission criteria, which may include the right of the Program to determine a target population for admission
  2. An OSCRH House must have someone available 24/7 to address emergencies in the house.
  1. Any tenants residing on the same property as a Recovery House must sign an agreement not to use drugs or alcohol in any of the common areas of the property.   
  2. All houses must administer drug/alcohol screens at intake and on a regular basis thereafter.
  3. Individuals must identify as being in recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction prior to entrance into an OSCRH house.
  4. If couples are allowed there must be a clear written policy addressing couples.
  5. A Recovery House shall offer shared common areas such as kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms.
  6. A Recovery House shall not place more than 4 people in one bedroom.
  7. A Recovery House shall not exceed a reasonable occupancy for a Recovery Housing setting.
  8. Each bedroom must allow a reasonable amount of living space including a bed and storage of clothing and other belongings, and must not require passage through another bedroom to gain entry.
  9. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors on each floor.
  10. Fire extinguishers in each kitchen.
  1. Members shall have a Policy on Drug and Alcohol Testing that should include required drug and alcohol testing for any individual that is responsible for direct supervision of Residents, such as live-in House Managers.
  2. Recovery Housing operated by accredited treatment facilities are obligated to abide by the Drug and Alcohol Policies of their parent Agencies.

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OSCRH Bylaws