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So Many Blessings

The road to long-term recovery is paved with many struggles. A safe, nonjudgmental, spiritually-oriented place to live among peers sharing this road can support this journey if it encourages personal growth, peer leadership and social responsibility.

So Many Blessings provides a safe, spiritually-based sober house setting for recovery for those committed to a drug-free, alcohol-free, crime-free, and socially responsible lifestyle.

Providence, RI



The Reverend Joyce Penfield


Accepts Methadone?
 Accepts Suboxone?
 Accepts other controlled substances?
 Yes but does not accept benzos or klonopin
 Includes utilities in weekly fee?
 Includes telephone in weekly fee?
 Includes food in weekly fee?
 Includes cleaning supplies in weekly fee?
 Additional fee for air conditioning?
 Allows smoking indoors?
 Allows smoking outdoors in designated areas?
 Yes:  Sunday-Thursday - 11pm; Friday & Satruday - 12am
 How many AA/NA or Spiritual Meetings are required per week?
 4 or 2 bible studies and 2 AA/NA
 Mandatory weekly house meeting?
 Do you have state-funded beds available?
 Do you have any other funding available for recovery housing?
 Yes - work to stay - those with past work history who can get a job within 4 weeks time
 Is worship or Bible Study required?
 Yes - weekly
 Is case management and a contract of services (personalized) required?
 Is there a limit on how long one can stay?
 Are weekly tox screens and alcohol breathalyzers given?